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We legally subscribe to your competitors to send you up-to-date and authentic competition materials (not AI-generated) to fuel your business intelligence.

Product demo credentials

Pricing grids

Sales decks

Sales Executive

I can now analyze our competitors' actual pricing grids, rather than solely relying on their generic website pricing. I believe this will provide me with an advantage in client meetings.

Product Manager

We receive precise information about how a competitor's feature operates. Armed with this knowledge, we enhanced a similar feature on our end, and it has already gained significant adoption among our SMB+ personas.

Marketing Manager

We found out in their sales deck that our primary competitor had discreetly focused on an underserved niche. We refined our paid advertising strategy and effectively generated a pool of promising leads.


We answer questions that matter most to you about your competitors.

About their customers

What is their ICP?
How do they acquire and retain clients?


Sales deck

Features screenshots

About their business

Are they break-even?
What tools help them operate?

Tech tools stack

Financial situation

Market positioning
About their people

Which type of profiles do they hire?
How satisfied are they?

Org chart

Career ladder

Employee satisfaction


We bring business intelligence techniques in the startup world. 

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

Our expertise lies in sophisticated open-source intelligence, leveraging legally available data across the internet (surface, deep and dark web) to provide you with comprehensive market insights. We adhere strictly to ethical standards, utilizing only 'white' (publicly accessible) and 'grey' (legally obtainable but not widely accessible) sources.

Human intelligence (HUMINT)

Human intelligence is the cornerstone of our service. By connecting with industry insiders and employing techniques comparable to those used by other sectors, like retail mystery shopping, we ensure that the insights you receive are not only useful but also grounded in real-world validation.

Tailored to your needs

Every solution is tailored to address your unique business challenges. We move beyond generic frameworks (SWOT, PESTEL...) to provide intelligence that is directly relevant to your objectives, ensuring that what you receive from us is as insightful as actionable.

Legality and privacy ensured

We operate with unwavering legal integrity, fully compliant with the European Trade Secrets Directive (2016). We respect confidentiality agreements and never share 'black' (NDA-protected) information. On the other side, we do enter into a Data Non-Disclosure Agreement (DNA) with most of our clients. This binding contract ensures that all aspects of our clients' identities, any requests made, and the proprietary information shared with us are kept under the strictest confidentiality.

Discover the success story of April 2024
How a B2B SaaS closed three major clients by leveraging key documents we provided from their competitor.
Success story - June. 2024  🔥

How a B2B SaaS closed three major clients by leveraging key documents we provided from their competitor.

How we uncovered the strategic pivot of their chief rival towards an emerging market segment

How this information enabled them to prioritize a new feature and refined their sales approach

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